In Taiwan , there are very few hotels like Simsu.
Can you imagine that the surrounding scenery is so capricious within one day? One minute the verdant mountains are covered in clouds, the next, dazzling sunlight illuminated the lush green mountains. At dawn, the scenery is serene and peaceful; at midday, the lush green mountains are dynamic and energetic; in the evening, the sunset clouds over the mountains create an romantic and charming ambience. bright stars illuminate the mountains surrounding the Simsu, and the beautiful scenery is awaiting your arrival. Refreshing fresh air, will help you leave the city life behind. This is Simsu, it's like Shangri-La, where is full of surprises. who are as friendly as your family. They will enthusiastically show their guests beautiful scenery of Lishan, and introduce characteristic of their hotel. Staying in Simsu, barring the spectacular landscapes and the beautiful hotel, guests can also taste peaches planted by the host.  Juicy honey peaches’ sweet-scented smell and delectable flavor will give this wonderful trip an unforgettable ending.
From starry sky,
The host of Simsu is an amiable couple,